Wear Protection Solutions for Power Plants

Large quantities of bulk material are handled in the conveying and storing systems of coal fired power plants. Unless they are suitably protected these systems will experience frequent failure, requiring repair or replacement. Plant components are a risk in all power plant systems, especially in coal storage and coal transport. This includes coal pulverizing and injection into the boiler, dust collection and ash removal including fly ash and wet ash. The situation is similar for limestone and gypsum handling systems. Kalenborn Abresist offers a complete array of wear protection solutions, including not only ceramic and metallic materials, but also plastics and rubber.

Power Plant Abresist
Power Plant Abresist

ABRESIST fused cast basalt linings extend the service life of components that move abrasive materials. Pre-engineered ABRESIST linings and tiles are produced by melting volcanic rock, then casting into shaped tiles or cylinders, and annealing at carefully controlled temperatures to attain the desired hardness. Highly effective in hydraulic and pneumatic conveying systems with some installations lasting more than 30 years.

KALOCER high alumina ceramic linings prevent destructive wear in conveying, processing, and storage equipment. Made from high purity, fine grain, alpha aluminum oxide, a material almost diamond hard, KALOCER can be formed in a variety of pre-engineered standard and custom sizes and shapes. Use where equipment tolerances or weight restrictions allow only a thin wear resistant lining. Outlasts other products up to ten times!

KALCRET hard compound is used for wear protection lining of pipe components, cyclones and other shaped elements. KALCRET troweled compound allows protection of horizontal, vertical, inclined and curved surfaces. Furthermore, safe overhead working is feasible. KALCRET cast compound is particularly useful for protecting flat surfaces against wear or if formwork can be used. KALCRET sprayed-on compound allows large surfaces to be lined in a minimum of time. It may be applied by spraying horizontally, vertically or even overhead without any problems.

Kalenborn Abresist fabricates KALMETALL chrome carbide weld overlay, standard grades of carbon and AR plate into wear resistant plates, piping and a variety of complete wear protected structures and assemblies. KALMETALL can also be adapted to specific uses by varying the alloy of the hard overlay welding. KALMETALL incorporates several hard overlay welded steel systems that consist of a tough basic body and hard overlay welding. The base metal provides the toughness of the system. Depending on the specific application, it is made of standard or special steels. The hard overlay welding is the wear layer. It consists of a C-Cr-Fe system with primary chromium carbides. The carbides provide the extreme hardness of the overlay welding. Depending on the composition of the alloy, the hardness may be up to 820 HV.