Upcoming Shows for Kalenborn Abresist Corporation

Upcoming Trade Shows

Visit us at upcoming trade shows to learn more about our wear resistant linings, see our schedule below. Kalenborn Abresist offers abrasion resistant linings for wear protection for piping, pneumatic and hydraulic conveying systems in a variety of industries.

2020 Trade Shows

January 28–30 Energy Generation Conference Bismarck, ND
February 3-5 International Biomass Conference, Booth 409 Nashville, TN
February 23–26 SME Mining Conference, Booth 1239 Phoenix, AZ
April 6-8 SME Minnesota Conference, Booth 166 Duluth, MN
April 14-17 Electric Power Conference, Booth 412 Denver, CO
April 19-23 IEEE Cement Conference, Booth 111 Las Vegas, NV
May 4-7 AIST Conference, Booth 2376 Cleveland, OH
AIST Association for Iron and Steel Technology
IEEE Advancing Technology for Humanity
SME Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration

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