Material-rubber compound KALIMPACT

A hard material rubber composite for heavy impact and abrasive resistance.

Kalimpact ABR 01

KALIMPACT as a material-rubber composite is used in particular when high-impact loads occur in connection with strong abrasion. The wear protection is vulcanized in rubber. It is installed either using a support plate with mechanical bolts or with magnets.


KALIMPACT consists of either ABRESIST cast basalt, KALOCER oxide ceramics, or KALMETALL hard overlay welding, depending on the requirements for abrasion resistance and impact resistance in the composite system.


  • Impact resistant elements
  • Hard and wear-resistant surface
  • Shock-absorbing properties through the rubber
  • Simple and safe mechanical fastening, gluing, or magnetic fixation
  • Easy interchangeability of the elements
  • Optimum adaptation to requirements through different sizes, thicknesses, and designs
  • Good sound and vibration insulation
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