High-performance concrete

Wear-resistant high-performance concrete. KALCRET® hard compound is a family of cement-bonded materials that combines excellent wear protection properties with ease of use.


KALCRET® is a wear-resistant, high-performance concrete made of high-strength hard aggregates in an extremely strong cement matrix. The improved compound is matched to the specific requirements and provides maximum resistance to erosion and abrasion. 

KALCRET® complies with strict international erosion resistance wear testing requirements according to ASTM-C704-15 and ASTM G65 as well as abrasion resistance wear testing requirements according to Böhme DIN 52108.

KALCRET® combines excellent wear protection properties with ease of use. The specific advantage of all compound materials is their flexibility in practice. Large surfaces can be coated quickly and reliably to restore plant availability rapidly.

KALCRET® is suitable for lining plant components and piping systems, in power stations, in the steel and cement industries and in refuse burning facilities. Examples include pipe bends in coal dust piping, agitators for the removal of dust from blast furnace gases in steel works, and wind boxes and separator linings for the milling of cement.


  • Wear protection for application by trowel, pouring, or spraying
  • Lining of large surfaces without joints
  • Easy lining of geometrically difficult surfaces
  • Variable layer thickness
  • Operational temperature max. 1200°C
  • Operational for full loading after only 24 hours
  • Easily combinable with all other materials
  • Repairs can be carried out easily
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