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Hydraulic and pneumatic pipelines and hose systems are often subject to the harshest conditions. The transport of abrasive materials such as ash, sand, sinter dust, or granules leads to extreme stress. Even thick-walled steel or cast iron pipes are often worn out within a very short period of time.

The pipe bends in which the flow shows strong turbulence are particularly affected by wear. 

In order to ensure a long service life and delivery capacity, it is essential to line the pipes, pipe bends, and hoses with wear-resistant materials. 

Standard pipe systems


Kalenborn offers the following wear-resistant pipes and pipe bends with standard diameters and recommended angle-radius combinations as globally valid standards:


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The Green program


These standard pipe systems are increasingly being purchased as green pipes with wear-resistant linings. At the end of its life, the worn lining can be dismantled and recycled at Kalenborn. Relining the existing steel pipe saves around 90% CO 2 per kg of component, as in the example of ABREIST pipes GREEN.

fused basalt

zirconium corundum ceramic

aluminum oxide ceramic



KALMETALL are various build-up welded steel systems that consist of a tough base body and a hard build-up weld. Depending on the alloy of the hard overlay welding, a very high impact and erosion resistance as well as abrasion resistance is achieved. 

During dedusting, for example, considerable wear occurs in the pipe or duct components. Manufacturing these components from KALMETALL significantly extends their service life. 

Cement Feed Screw for Mill Inlet lined with Kalmetall
kalflex 2

KALFLEX hose systems

KALFLEX are wear-resistant and flexible rubber hoses that can be easily installed with normal flanges. They are used where a flexible radius and angle design is required.

The core of the system consists of wear-resistant plates or segments made of oxide ceramic or hard cast iron, which are inserted into one another and flexibly moved into one another.

Wear-resistant combination lining


The optimal wear protection lining for pipes or bends can also consist of a combination of different materials. Kalenborn offers special pipes and bends whose lining is tailored to the different loads.

biomas pipes

Pipe fittings

In addition to the wear-protected pipe and hose systems, Kalenborn also produces the appropriate pipe fittings in a wide variety of geometries: from pipe bends to T and Y pieces and cross pieces to deflection bends. 

Flanges and couplings are also available for connecting wear-resistant pipes and hose systems to one another. Likewise seals, expansion pieces and couplings.

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