Flexible hose systems KALFLEX



The wear-resistant KALFLEX hoses are used where flexible radius and angle design is required. They are suitable for transporting very abrasive materials such as granules, quartz sand, sludge, lime powder, or coal dust. This way you avoid maintenance stops and hose changes.

KALFLEX are flexible elbows that can be easily installed with normal flanges. The core of the system consists of wear-resistant plates or segments made of oxide ceramic or hard cast iron, which are inserted into one another and flexibly moved into one another. The system is enclosed with a rubber jacket with a fabric insert, which ensures sufficient stability and tightness.


KALFLEX is offered as:

KALFLEX with ceramic plates made of KALOCER oxide ceramic

KALFLEX with segments made of KALOCER oxide ceramic

KALFLEX with segments made of hard cast iron KALCAST


  • Inner diameter 19 to 200 mm
  • Maximum temperature 110°C
  • Pressures up to 10 bar
  • Use in pipe switches
  • Use as a vibration damper
  • Use as a compensator
  • Good for tight spaces
  • Compensation of load cells
  • Rubber jacket: weather-resistant and durable EPDM
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