Kalsica Silicon Carbide Linings from Kalenborn Abresist


kalsica 1KALSICA® silicon carbide linings for plant components for extreme wear, thermal shock and high temperature resistance. High precision KALISCA shapes can be manufactured with wall thicknesses from 2mm for shaped components such as pumps, fans or hydraulic cyclones. Typical applications for KALSICA include coal dust distributors, cyclone linings and coke ramps.

kalsica 3

  • Outstanding resistance against wear and thermal shock. KALSICA is part of the silicon carbide ceramics group and is available in different qualities: Silicon infiltrated (KALSICA-S), Silicon nitride bonded (KALSICA-A, -N, -P) and Metal bonded (KALSICA-M)
  • Operational temperature max.1550°C (depending on conditions for installation).
  • High resistance to temperature fluctuations.
  • Very good heat conductivity.
  • Corrosion resistance.

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