Hard castings

Wear protection made of chilled cast iron for series components with high impact and abrasion resistance


KALCAST is a chilled metallic material in which the balance between impact and abrasion resistance can be predetermined. This is achieved by alloys with different chromium, nickel, and carbon contents. Typical areas of application are bunker inlets, coke ramps, screw conveyors in slag granulation, asphalt and concrete mixers and crushers, grinding rollers and grinding tables in a vertical mill, and pulverized coal lines in power plants.


  • Impact resistant elements
  • Hard and wear-resistant surface
  • Shock-absorbing properties through the rubber
  • Simple and safe mechanical fastening, gluing, or magnetic fixation
  • Easy interchangeability of the elements
  • Optimum adaptation to requirements through different sizes, thicknesses, and designs
  • Good sound and vibration insulation
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