Wear Protection Monitoring



For critical cases, Kalenborn has systems in its program for plant components that indicate the possible wear of the protective lining and thus give the operator the information to act at an early stage.

Indicator stones at different heights are integrated in a ceramic anti-wear lining or lining with a hard material compound. With increasing wear, the indicator stones become visible one after the other and provide information about the remaining degree of wear and the condition of the protective lining. Visual wear monitoring is suitable for individual parts or entire systems. 

KALDETECT electric

In the case of pneumatic conveying lines, wear protection monitoring is used when the escape of toxic or environmentally harmful substances must be avoided. 

The wear protection lining is provided with a low-voltage measuring line on the outside. If the wear protection layer inside the pipe is worn through at any point due to abrasion, the measuring line is interrupted. 

This triggers an alarm and – in conjunction with suitable evaluation technology – the affected pipe section is displayed or the system is switched off automatically. 

Wear protection monitoring is available for all materials and also for combined linings.

KALDETECT mechanical


Support structure and anti-wear lining are provided with a bore. The length of the screwed-in pin provides information about the thickness and the condition of the protective lining when it is unscrewed.

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