Relineable GREEN tubing


Saving of 75% CO 2 per kg of pipe part
Coal (3)
Green recycle

Green pipes and pipe elbows have a wear-resistant lining that can be dismantled and recycled at the end of their life. A special fastening concept for the wear protection lining enables the old lining to be dismantled without destroying the steel jacket. The existing steel pipes are then relined with new material cylinders.



The green program:

  • ABRESIST pipes GREEN fused basalt
  • KALCOR tubes GREEN zirconium corundum
  • KALOCER tubes GREEN aluminum oxide ceramic

Smart wear protection monitoring KALDETECT protects

KALDETECT electric is a good prerequisite for problem-free replacement of the wear protection lining on green pipes. It provides the operator with early information when the protective lining is worn out and prevents damage to the steel pipes and possible environmental damage

More about KALDETECT wear protection monitoring

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