Hard overlay welding of KALMETALL pipes

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Various build-welded steel systems are available under the KALMETALL brand, which consists of a tough base body and hard build-up welding. The base material of the systems is the reinforcement. It consists of standard steels, depending on the application.

The hard overlay weld forms the wear layer. It consists of a CCrFe system with primary chromium carbides. This ensures the high hardness of the deposition weld, which is up to 820 HV depending on the alloy composition. The standard thicknesses of hard overlay welding are up to 4 mm. Special thicknesses up to a maximum of 18 mm are possible on request.



  • Metallic wear protection using hard overlay welding
  • Build-up welding inside or outside
  • Uniform seamless and shock-free spiral armor
  • Extremely impact and friction-wear-resistant (depending on the alloy)
  • High resistance to temperature changes
  • Lightweight and easy to connect
  • Cost-effective production, therefore quick replacement of worn pipes possible
  • High cost-effectiveness of self-supporting structures
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