Cast Zirconium Corundum Linings

Recyclable ceramic with high abrasion and temperature resistance. KALCOR® is a combination of alumina, zirconia, and silica that is melted at 3,600°F and then cast in tiles of various types, cylinders, and custom-designed shapes. The pre-engineered, cast linings withstand extreme abrasion and moderate impact and have a low thermal conductivity.

Zirkonkorund KALCOR

The cast and alternatively sintered material KALCOR has proven its worth in the lining of plant components in which high temperatures and temperature changes occur in addition to extreme wear and tear, e.g. in chutes for hot sinter or clinker, in hot gas lines, or in dedusting cyclones and separators.


  • Recyclable
  • Very hard and resistant to wear
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Usable in locations subject to chemical stresses.
  • Operational temperature max. 1200°C
  • Small thicknesses for cylinders from 12 mm upwards
  • High resistance to temperature fluctuations, resistant to thermal shock
  • Wide range of geometries
  • Available in plates, moldings and cylinders
  • Cylinders with diameters of 50-500 mm
  • Limited resistance to chemicals and acids
  • Excellent price/performance ratio in suitable applications
  • Green pipes with CO2 savings of 90% per kg pipe part
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