Wear Protection for Mining Operations available from Kalenborn

Wear Protection in Mining

Wear Protection in Mining – at the start of the value creation chain

Mining operations extract mineral raw materials on a truly impressive scale in terms of quantities and material stresses. Moreover, they must handle the increasingly problematic overburden, which as waste material has no value but represents a major factor in the wear of plant components. This is why mining companies around the world choose Kalenborn Abresist wear protection solutions to help them reduce their operating costs. We develop useful and durable concepts to make your equipment last longer. In sum, our wear protection solutions reduce operating costs in mining applications by extending service life, reducing personnel costs and minimizing downtime.

Industries Mining Raw Material Extraction

Wear protection in mining – extraction and milling of raw materials

In open-cast and underground mining, wear protection linings for loading buckets, trucks and stationary and mobile conveyors represent an important investment in equipment reliability. And for subsequent multi-stage crushing operations, Kalenborn Abresist also provides long-lasting wear protection with feeder chute and housing linings specifically designed for ore and raw materials.

Industries Mining Processing

Wear protection in mining – processing plants

The processes of milling and grading the extracted ores or minerals cause wear in the machinery used for those mining operations, as does the subsequent process of separating the valuable material from the raw stone. We protect the mills, chutes, hydrocyclones and sorters from the particular stress conditions to which they are exposed in each production process. Wear resistant materials like fused cast basalt and ceramics from Kalenborn Abresist serve as robust lining materials to protect the hydraulic conveyor lines used to transport slurries in pumping circuits. Besides mining, Kalenborn Abresist also offers a range of customized wear protection solutions for use in other production areas, including operations such as pelletizing and sintering.

Industries Mining Tailings

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