Wear Protection Solutions for Iron and Steel

Large quantities of bulk material are handled in the conveying and storing systems of the iron and steel industry. Plant components are at risk in all sections, especially in raw material storage and processing, sintering and coking plant, blast­ furnace operation and slag handling. Comprehensive wear protection is an absolute must for steel production systems and rolling mills as well. Kalenborn Abresist offers a complete array of wear protection materials, including not only ceramic and metallic materials, but also plastics and rubber.

Kalenborn Abresist Iron Steel Flumes
Kalenborn Abresist Kalocer Skip Collection Chute

Flume Design, Installation & Repair, Descale Hood Repair

Kalenborn Abresist flume linings have been engineered, designed and installed in a rolling mill and in continuous caster flumes for many years. Most are still performing as well as the first day with minor repairs caused by dropping large objects into the flumes. Our wear resistant flume linings are a combination of ABRESIST and KALCRET wear products.

Underneath the descale hoods scale flume walls are often degraded from the high- pressure water that is diverted by the slab. We repair these walls and line the flumes with a combination of ABRESIST and KALCRET wear products.

ABRESIST is sub volcanic in nature. It is a crystalline structure that has been re-melted in electric furnaces and poured into tile shapes. Custom ABRESIST tile sets have been designed, built and installed in more than 100 flumes in North America for more than 60 years. ABRESIST tiled flumes will outlast standard concrete 10 to 20 times.

KALCRET is a cementitious compound made of high-strength, high-tensile concrete. We mix many types and sizes of hard materials in the concrete to form a very hard, but very easy to install, homogeneous lining. This KALCRET lining will outlast standard concrete by 5 to 10 times.