kalocer twcKALPOXY® TWC is a two-part trowelable epoxy repair compound containing 50%, by volume, sapphire hard (9 mohs) alumina ceramic beads (Al2O3) and silicon carbide particles. Easy to mix and apply, the thixotropic paste is self-curing. KALPOXY® TWC can be used as a protective coating or to repair worn areas in material handling equipment or components conveying abrasive materials.

  • Applications up to 232°C / 450°F.
  • Good thermal shock and chemical resistance.
  • Self-cures in 4 to 5 hours at 24°C / 75°F.
  • Apply in temperatures above 4°C / 40°F.
  • Adheres to metals, fiberglass, concrete, wood, and ceramic tiles.
  • Use on elbows, chutes, feeders, pump casings, ducts, cyclones, fans, mill linings, housings, and hoppers.
  • Available in a 13.6 kilogram / 30 lb kit and a 2.72 kilogram / 6 lb trial size.

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